Friday, May 29, 2015

May-Week 20-Happy Birthday Dad

It has been 3 years since Dad left us! I cannot believe it has been that long and I miss having him here so much! 
Saturday night we went to The Cock and Bull and then The Jailhouse Grill with Steve and Wendy. A great night of course, with lots of fun and giggles. 
I have managed to add a few blocks to my Lori Holt Farmgirl quilt this week. I am enjoying making these quick and colourful blocks. 

Friday, May 22, 2015

May-Week 19-Winter is Coming

I love this little fluff ball, Miss Milly. She is never far from me and particularly likes spending time, outside when I'm on the treadmill, lying next to me on the bed and in her chair when we are in the sewing room. It has been a cold miserable week weatherwise and we have spent most of the week trying to keep warm.
Saturday we spent the day at Sarah's shop.
It was a fun day as usual and it was nice to see Razzy drop in as it was her birthday.
 I chose to make some Swoon blocks for our new bed quilt. They are big blocks and take a while to make, but I love the blue and brown colour combo.
And here is my sweet faithful pooch, Miss Milly resting in her chair in the sewing room.
This is the quilt she is sitting on. It was the Quiltaid BOM 2009 quilt. It was a fund raiser quilt and some of the proceeds went to support women in Ethiopia who need medical intervention after childbirth. I love this quilt and it is perhaps the most detailed quilt I have ever made.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

May-Week 18- Mother's Day

Thursday was the first Thursday of the month which is Ravo-Chick catch up night. This month we went to The Prickly Cactus. It was a lovely night and it is so nice having these ladies in my life.
Saturday the girls in my family went to Hobart for the Mother's Day weekend.
Fiona and I organised to take Mum away for the night and Alex, Issi and Ruby came too.
Georgia was unable to come as she had production commitments.
A coffee stop at Campbell Town led to a quick visit to A Little Piece of Heaven lolly shop.
On Sunday Fiona and I took part in the Mother's Day Classic 4km run.
It was a tough run!
Starting at the Domain we ran down a long sloping hill.
Unfortunately, what goes down, must come back up.....
It was a lovely weekend, but next time BOTH of my girls must be there!
It just wasn't right without Missy George with us.
This is Georgia in roll as Gertrude in her second year Uni production titled Crowns.
We went and saw the production on Friday night and I was so very proud of her!x

Monday, May 4, 2015

April-Week17-A Crafty Weekend

This week has been a bit stressful and Friday couldn't come quick enough. I have made the decision to return to my old exercise program of dancing, walking and running by myself with an occasional activity with my Ravo Chick's ladies. No more crazy gym everyday or boxing sessions. I am positive  this decision is the right one for me and will allow me more relaxation and craft time.
Time to act my age...haha!  
A red wine on our deck fixes most things and by the time we walked to The Cock and Bull we were feeling much more relaxed and ready for the weekend. I really love our quiet Friday nights together at the pub.
We spent most of Saturday and Sunday at home and I had a lovely time making a Dilly bag for a friends birthday and joining my Instagram friends in the Lori Holt, Friday Farmgirl Sew Along. So much fun and lots of giggles.
My gorgeous girl, Milly is always close at hand and under foot when I am in my sewing room, and here she is in one of her favourite possies, under the ironing board.
 So, in the end my weekend was lovely and I am ready to tackle a much more relaxed and less stressful week ahead.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

April-Week 16-Happy Birthday to me!

Tuesday was finally the BIG day. I had a wonderful day and was treated like a Princess by this wonderful man. Roses delivered to work and a drink at The Seaport afterwards.
He also gave me a black sapphire ring that we designed together. My new ring is the same design as his Mum's missing eternity ring, hers however had emerald stones.

Saturday was ANZAC Day and the 100th year Commemoration of the landing at Gallipoli. 
I was a bit sad and melancholy and spent the day at home. I always miss my Nan and Pop on ANZAC Day because when they were alive we spent the day with them attending the Dawn Service, the Street Parade and then having lunch together.
Next year my cousins, Fiona and I have decided to make it a family event again, possibly attending The Parade and a Counter meal at The Centennial, Nan and Pops favourite pub.
After lunch I had to have an Anzac biscuit of course, although this year I was slack and bought a packet from the supermarket.
I need to get my act together and become more involved in the day next year.
Andrew did take part in The Parade. He proudly wore his father and grandfathers medals. 

Sunday, along with Deb, Lisa and Sally I took part in The TasMudrun.
What a lot of fun! Mud everywhere!! 
I was as happy as a Pig in Mud!
It was challenging and I have many bruises and splinters to prove that I crawled through waist high mud,over rocks and hay bales, climbed over fences and through tunnels, wadded through rivers and clambered up shipping containers!
Despite all of that, it was hilarious and we had an absolute ball.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Happy 90th to us!

We had a fabulous night, celebrating with friends and family!
I loved being with everyone that is a part of my pretty amazing life!
There was dancing and laughter, drinking and dress ups!
People relaxing and watching footy in the bar, others doing the highland fling to We Will Rock You, accompanied by our very own piper!
It was the perfect party!  

These beautiful girls presented a loving speech, reminiscing about all the things that they enjoy about Fiona and I! Their speeches were funny and cute, and yes my eyes had a little tear!
I love you all so very much ladies!  
A very special thank you to Alex and Georgia for organising and helping the little girls!
A very proud Mummy moment. xx 
Always the posers!
An awesome night! 

So many beautiful words, cards and gifts.
I am truly blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life! 

April-Week 15-Auntie Rita

Wednesday Alex and I went and visited Auntie Rita at Longford.
She is now 94 and although very frail, still her sweet, cheeky funny self.
More visits are mandatory! 
Thursday night We celebrated Deb's 51st birthday at King's Bridge.
A fun night with lots of chat, good food and great wine!