Wednesday, April 29, 2015

April-Week 16-Happy Birthday to me!

Tuesday was finally the BIG day. I had a wonderful day and was treated like a Princess by this wonderful man. Roses delivered to work and a drink at The Seaport afterwards.
He also gave me a black sapphire ring that we designed together. My new ring is the same design as his Mum's missing eternity ring, hers however had emerald stones.

Saturday was ANZAC Day and the 100th year Commemoration of the landing at Gallipoli. 
I was a bit sad and melancholy and spent the day at home. I always miss my Nan and Pop on ANZAC Day because when they were alive we spent the day with them attending the Dawn Service, the Street Parade and then having lunch together.
Next year my cousins, Fiona and I have decided to make it a family event again, possibly attending The Parade and a Counter meal at The Centennial, Nan and Pops favourite pub.
After lunch I had to have an Anzac biscuit of course, although this year I was slack and bought a packet from the supermarket.
I need to get my act together and become more involved in the day next year.
Andrew did take part in The Parade. He proudly wore his father and grandfathers medals. 

Sunday, along with Deb, Lisa and Sally I took part in The TasMudrun.
What a lot of fun! Mud everywhere!! 
I was as happy as a Pig in Mud!
It was challenging and I have many bruises and splinters to prove that I crawled through waist high mud,over rocks and hay bales, climbed over fences and through tunnels, wadded through rivers and clambered up shipping containers!
Despite all of that, it was hilarious and we had an absolute ball.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Happy 90th to us!

We had a fabulous night, celebrating with friends and family!
I loved being with everyone that is a part of my pretty amazing life!
There was dancing and laughter, drinking and dress ups!
People relaxing and watching footy in the bar, others doing the highland fling to We Will Rock You, accompanied by our very own piper!
It was the perfect party!  

These beautiful girls presented a loving speech, reminiscing about all the things that they enjoy about Fiona and I! Their speeches were funny and cute, and yes my eyes had a little tear!
I love you all so very much ladies!  
A very special thank you to Alex and Georgia for organising and helping the little girls!
A very proud Mummy moment. xx 
Always the posers!
An awesome night! 

So many beautiful words, cards and gifts.
I am truly blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life! 

April-Week 15-Auntie Rita

Wednesday Alex and I went and visited Auntie Rita at Longford.
She is now 94 and although very frail, still her sweet, cheeky funny self.
More visits are mandatory! 
Thursday night We celebrated Deb's 51st birthday at King's Bridge.
A fun night with lots of chat, good food and great wine! 

Monday, April 13, 2015

April-Week 14-The Cherry Shed

A reasonably quiet first week of the holidays with Andrew and I both suffering from head colds. I spent a lot of  my time making this Mother Goose baby quilt for Catherine's first babe.
The weekend however was pretty busy! 
Narelle is going to be a Grandma so The Ravo Chicks attended their first baby shower.
Catherine's baby is due early May. 
The mandatory Baby Shower games... This was Guess the Chocolate bar/poo in the nappy!
Jacqui and Deb really took it seriously!! Haha. I think this one was a Picnic??

Too many glasses of bubbles meant these 2 didn't want to go home.
Jacqui and Brendan and Andrew and I ended up at The Cock and Bull for dinner.
It was a lovely fun night! Deb and John where also there. 
Sunday was Miss Ruby's 8th Birthday, so I called in for breakfast on my way to a Stitching day. What a cute kid, we all love her to bits! 
Look at my beautiful girls! I love this pic of them! xx
Much of my Sunday was spent at The Cherry Shed with these wonderful friends. They made the get together very special for me and turned it into a little party. Cup blocks, balloons, cards, a pandora charm, a scissor fob and a very cheeky bottle stopper....I had a great day!
Thank you so much Sarah, Leanne, Vicki, Anne-Maree, Deb, Razzy and Christine. Also Lib and Katharine, who contributed but couldn't come on the day! 
This is the best birthday month ever, and it's still a week away until my real birth date!! 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

April-Week 13-Happy Easter

Tuesday was the last day the Primary Team was together before my birthday,
so this lovely mad lot gave me a surprise afternoon tea!
I am so lucky  in that I love my job and also have such great friends and colleagues to work with. 
And of course, the mandatory group selfie! 

Easter Sunday was all about being together and spending time with family.
Alex created the best Easter muffins! They were chocolate with a caramel Easter egg in the middle!!
And of course my favourite Easter eggs are caramel filled and candy coated! 
My girls cleverly mad a fun Easter egg hunt for Issi and Ruby. This year Alex placed some of the clues inside balloons. The girls had to pop the balloons to answer each riddle and find their loot...

Mum and John, along with Fiona, Nathan and the girls came for eggs and bacon for breakfast. 
We had pizza for dinner with John, Leanne, Matt, Luke, Issi Karen and Alan. 

I gave both of the girls new quilts for Easter. This is Georgia's pretty pastel quilt. Georgia helped me with this and set out the placement of the purple hearts  and flowers. 

And at long long last Alex has her Union Jack quilt.
She has waited a long time for this quilt to be finished and it is finally on her bed. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March-Week 12-A Very Quiet Week

A very quiet week of recovery after our Relay for Life weekend.
We just plodded through the week hanging in there until Friday.
And when Friday arrived we went to our favourite place... The Cock and Bull.

After a couple of well earned drinks we went to Pickled Evenings.
A great Indian restaurant. A lovely way to spend the night. 

Saturday was a rest day for me and I spent the day playing in my Sewing room. It was so relaxing and I was actually very productive, and managed to complete the quilt top of my Metro-rings quilt.

It was also bath weekend for one grubby little pooch.
After a much needed bath and a blow-dry, Milly was looking very glam! 

And so the last week of Term 1 begins.
Only 4 working days and it's the school holiday, not that I'm excited by that of course...

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

March-Week 11-Happy St Patrick's Day

Tuesday was St Patrick's Day so where did we go??
The Cock and Bull of-course...
A Scottish Pipe Band, playing in an English Pub on an Irish day...
only in Tassie!!
Thursday was my little sisters 40th birthday.
We had a meal at The Newstead Hotel and shared a bottle of Janz, as only we can...
Georgia and Grandma were there.
And Ruby with her favourite uncle.
Ok, Kath and Kel jokes aside....Saturday was Relay for Life.
Andrew and I spent the weekend at the event in The Haggis Muncher's team.
And The Haggis Munchers....the band opened the event.
Fiona bought the girls out and they walked with me for a while.
Great bucket hats. I love this pic....
And the reason behind me taking part this year!
I had decided I wanted to walk the length of a marathon in honour of my Dad who lost his battle to lung cancer 3 years ago. I walked the 105 laps or 42km and spent much of that time thinking of Dad and the life we had shared. I miss the cranky old buggar and am so pleased that I walked that distance for him. The funny thing is, if he was here he would tell me I was bloody crazy, but I know he would be proud of my efforts and would tell everyone about it, over and over and over and over.....