Sunday, July 26, 2015

Week 29-Christmas in July

Friday night saw a Christmas in July dinner party at home for myself and my Ravo Chick friends.
Alex and Georgia helped with the decorating and the dining table and lounge area looked wonderful!
We all made a little effort and Santa hats were optional, but of course I love a good dress-up!  
I had to have a wee sip of Red while waiting for my guests to arrive.
Here we all are-Lisa, Sally, Jacqui, Cathy, Deb and Narelle.
A lovely get together as usual. It really is wonderful having such " old" friends.
We all get on so well and totally enjoy each others company.

We forgot to take a photo of the soup and the main course but here is the delicious dessert!
A wonderful Plum Pudding, a yummy meringue and the best chocolate dipped strawberries!!

Saturday morning Nicky and I took the very pretty Gretel for a walk along the Tailrace.

No sewing for me this week but I did receive these lovely goodies from my bestest Wyoming buddy, Bessi! The bag is made from Vintage Market fabric and the bockin has its very own nest! So cute!!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Week 28-Holidays

A little more 4th of July sewing this week. I really enjoyed working this small cross stitch. 
I have had little time and enthusiasm to sew this week but have managed to make
3 more Farmgirl Vintage blocks. 
Auntie Rita hasn't been very well this week and we have visited with her a couple of times.
She really is a sweet heart and I love her sense of humour. 
Georgia has enjoyed getting to know Auntie Rita better and the two of them have
become good buddies. 
On Saturday night Andrew and I had a special date night at The Charles. A lovely dinner, a few wines, and a relaxing bubble bath...a lovely way to end the school holidays.  
On Sunday Andrew competed in a band competition at Campbell Town.
He hates this photo but I think it really captures his cheeky side. 
Sunday afternoon was a miserable cold and grey afternoon so the girls and I had an Orange is the New Black binge session. Heat pump, cuddles, quilts, chocolate and episode after episode...  

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

July-Week 27-Liffey Falls

Alex is in Bali for Meggi and Andrews wedding this week. It has been fun Skyping with her.
The day finally arrived, it went beyond all expectations and they all had a wonderful day. 
They all looked very relaxed and beautiful! 
This is the Tumbler quilt that we gave Meggi and Andrew as their wedding gift. 
My Liberty Road quilt is finished and hanging in the hallway. I am so happy with it!
On Friday night we went to the Riverside Golf Club to celebrate Mrs Howards 80th birthday.
Here she is with all of her family.
On Saturday Sally, Lisa and myself went on an adventure.
We headed off for a short bush walk and ended up spending the day together, finishing a 10km walk at Liffey Falls with a late lunch at The Raspberry Farm.
It was a lovely day and so good to spend time together again.

Late this week a volcano erupted on Java causing a dust cloud to hang over Bali.
Alex was one of the lucky ones and left the island on her scheduled flight.
Many people were stuck there for days.

July-Week 26-End of Term 2

The last week of Term 2 saw the eSchool at Ross for a Family Fun Day.
It was a lovely day, despite being absolutely freezing! We had a Great Race around the town looking for things and the kids had a ball.
Friday night we walked down to the pub, as usual!
Things have been tough for both of us at work these last few weeks, and its always a great way to de-stress and come together again at the end of a hard week!
And the joys of living almost in the city, we can walk up the hill afterwards.
It is Independence Day in America this week and I have been making a Liberty Road quilt.
The quilt at the top left is the quilt that Friends in Stitches made for a special friend and the blocks on the right are the beginnings of my quilt.
On Saturday we headed off to Seven Mile Beach for cousin Gary's 60th birthday party.
Another great night with family!!

Fun girl cousin selfies with Leanne, Wendy, Karen and Jane.
All of the boys, Simon, John, Gary, Banner, Andrew, Matt, Nicholas, David, Nakka and James.
Another fun time together!!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

June-Week 25-Farewell to Crow Central

My gorgeous George went to Brisbane this week with a friend.
She will be celebrating her birthday while away. I cannot believe that my baby is now 20!
My amazing friend JoJo from Oklahoma sent me all of these wonderful gifts. As I was unable to join them at the Lori Holt Retreat last week, she wanted me to feel a part of their special time together. What an absolutely beautiful person she is!
I was totally overwhelmed and love all of my goodies!!

If you have five crazy, fun-loving woman all connected by social media, living in 2 separate countries, a sense of humour and bubble-gum this is what can happen!
What a truly hilarious time we all had!
I had a hugely social weekend.
It started with our Primary teachers Winter in July dinner at The Gorge Restaurant.
Great wine, food and company!
Saturday Deb, Katharine, Meredith and myself headed to Hobart for the closing day of The Quilted Crow. It was a little sad, although it was lovely to see how excited Leonie was to start her next ventures. I bought the best fat quarter bundle of reproduction fabric...

Saturday night The Ravo Chicks met up after what seems like a long break.
Jacqui, Deb, Lisa, Sally, Narelle and I went to Larceny and the food was delicious!
We had a lovely catch up and are all still really keen to go to China next May.
We are all looking forward to warmer weather and starting to train again.
Sunday was a lovely sunny morning so Andrew and I went for a walk to Duck Reach.
We really are very lucky with the walking tracks near our home!
I cannot believe I found these little sunshine flowers in the backyard.
The Seasons and Spring bulbs are all a little confused, but it sure is lovely to see them in the garden. A promise of things to come....

June-Week 24-Icy Weather

It has been so cold this week. I have even been trying to convince Andrew we should move North.
 I know once the weather warms up I will feel differently, but I really do hate being cold.
What a regal picture of Miss Milly.
My favourite dog in my favourite chair.
Leanne came around on Wednesday and taught me (again) how to put a zip in.
I think I have now mastered this skill...until I need to do it again!
It was one of those days at work on Friday. We were all struggling to concentrate and write our reports. A lolly run and playing with Minion Kinder Surprises helped for a while.
It was lots of fun, although not overly productive.
So 9 zips put into 9 pouches later, I am hoping I have mastered adding zips!
The Aussie pouches are winging their way to my USA buddies along with other goodies. 
 I made the dog pouch for Georgia as a little birthday gift.
And the last 2...Leanne and I have made a BIG decision this week so I made us a Yankee pouch each to remind us of this weeks decision! Roll on July 2017!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

June-Week 23-The Queen's Birthday Weekend

I have been saying this for years, Lizzy and I share a birthday and it isn't today!
I think it's only fitting we should have a public holiday on the real date!!
I had Professional Learning in Hobart this week and spent the night at Penny Brownlie's house.
It was lovely to catch up and spend time chatting.
And this was the morning view from their front deck. Cold but amazingly beautiful!
This week my Yankee Instagram girls have gathered at a Lori Holt retreat in Utah and I would have loved to have joined them. Obviously Australia is a little too far to just pop over for a few days, although I am determined to go to a retreat with them one day.
These ladies have been wonderful and have messaged me several times, making me feel a part of their get together. 
Hi Lori, JoJo, Kristie and Nessi!! xxx
This is what I have been working on this week while retreat was on in Utah.
My little bit of America in Australia!