Sunday, October 20, 2013

Happy Halloween

I love Halloween and all things "Witchy" but as a rule we do not celebrate 
Halloween in Australia.
I have been looking for tasteful (non-plastic/Spotlight) Halloween decorations and have been disappointed.
So over the last few weeks I have been making my own Halloween mini-quilt.
The witch in the picture in me, dressed up for Book-Week at school last year and the bright panel fabric is my one purchase from Spotlight.
I am going to use this fabric to back my Black Jack Quilt.  
And here is the completed quilt, already to be quilted.
It is becoming quite funny at our house. As soon as I lay a quilt on the floor and get the camera out to take a picture Milly turns up.
It is as if she feels she must be is very cute!!


Jo in TAS said...

Milly's proud of your work! Love the quilt!

Lib said...

Not a huge Halloween fan but you're quilt is cute ..... and so is Milly lo l

Susan said...

Cute quilt. My little dog likes checking out my quilts too. Maybe she wants her own.

Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

Love you quilt. well done

Leanne said...

Well done Millie you quilt model.

shez said...

how cute is Milly and what a good helper,lol.Love your quilt and love that quote,well done Cathy.xx

Bev said...

Adorable! You look too cute in the witch hat! Love the quilt!

Cheery wave from

Robyn of Oz said...

I think Milly is useful for scale as well as adding an approving look to the whole thing. Love the critters! :)

Fiona said...

I love your Halloween quilt.xx

DAWNIE said...

Better late than never. Just love this quilt Cathy.